Corporate & Fundraiser Events : Experiential Place Making


Building Community Connections & Philanthropic Support

Creating the space for a shared experience and meaningful exchange is at the center of what we do. We enjoy planning meaningful experiences through curated details and sensory experiences so community members and stakeholders can connect to all that is special, authentic and unique to where we live, grow and thrive. We thrive on fostering relationships and helping community members grow connection to the land, to others, and with themselves through our events and artful experiences.

Our roots are anchored in community networking and place making with the experience of knitting together people, resources and support for the organizations, programs and projects that inspire us and support us as a whole in SW Colorado.


Whether we’re supporting Non Profit Fundraisers, Corporate Events or Experiential Marketing Events, we can support you on a number of things:

  • Event design, planning, coordination and set up and styling

  • Vendor coordination: catering, bar, music, decor and decorations and special branded details

  • Member or target audience outreach, marketing and PR for your event

Each event is tailored to the organization and brand. We serve our client as a venue designer, production company, marketer and PR coordinator and overall event expert in every facet.